Term Dates 2020/21

Autumn Term

Monday 14 September - Monday 30 Noveember
Tuesday 15 September - Tuesday 1 December
Thursday 17 September - Thursday 3 December
Saturday 19 September - Saturday 5 December

HALF TERM: Monday 19 October - Saturday 31 October (inclusive) - 2 Saturdays & 2 weekdays off

Spring Term

Monday 11 January - Monday 22 March
Tuesday 12 January - Tuesday 23 March
Thursday 15 January - Thursday 25 March
Saturday 16 January - Saturday 27 March 

HALF TERM: Monday 15 February - Saturday 20 February (inclusive) - 1 week & 1 Saturday off

Summer Term

Saturday 24 April - Saturday 10 July
Monday 26 April - Monday 12 July (10 weeks)*
Tuesday 27 April - Tuesday 6 July
Thursday 29 April - Thursday 8 July 

* No classes Monday 3 May Bank Holiday

HALF TERM: Saturday 29 May - Saturday 5 June (inclusive) - 2 Saturdays & 1 week off


Twickenham Academy of Dance (the school) collects, stores and uses personal data within the category of “legitimate interests”.

Names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of parents and pupils are required for the school to properly function and therefore provision of such details are a condition of enrolment.

In addition any medical conditions must be advised.

Having supplied your details, on a day to day basis your information will, in the main, be used for the following:

Whilst supply of full contact details is compulsory, the school will allow you to refuse permission of photography of your child. Permission is granted or denied on enrolment and is deemed to be ongoing. If at any stage you would like to update this permission, please email twickenhamacademyofdance@thinksmartmail.com

Information is required and kept by the school for the duration of a pupil’s attendance and thereafter for a period of no longer than seven years. We are always keen to maintain relationships with alumni, especially those who go on to professional performing arts training. In such cases we may request a prolonged saving of your details.

If your child is entered for examinations, their personal data will need to be shared with the relevant board, currently these include Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) and International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA).

We do not and will never sell or share your personal data to any third party for marketing purposes.

Any information submitted via our website is regularly cleaned and will be held within its content management system for no longer than six months.

At any time you may contact the school to ask what information is being held by emailing twickenhamacademyofdance@thinksmartmail.com

With the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ you may request deletion of your details from all methods of contact. We do reserve the right to hold details on invoices for accounting purposes for the minimum required period of three years. Please note that deleting your information will mean your child can no longer attend the school.

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Last updated 20 November 2019.